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EXTRA Tax Credits for your Clients!

Have you considered increasing employer contributions into a company sponsored retirement plan to increase tax deductions?

Today’s retirement plans offer multiple options for additional tax savings via employer funded contributions. Employer contributions (like a match, profit sharing or Cash Balance contribution) are often overlooked when considering ways to reduce overall corporate income taxes.

Most employers only see the ‘cost’ but overlook the benefits of additional tax deductions. Pension Planning Consultants doesn’t offer tax advice, but we do help advisors, CPAs and business owners look for additional ways to increase tax deductions via retirement plan contributions.

Our experts can create different analyses based on the client’s retirement plan goals. Let our experts know how we can assist you or your client in finding additional options for increasing tax deductions.

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Pension Planning Consultants, Inc. has been awarded the CEFEX Certification for Global Standard of Excellence in Industry Practices